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Taixing HaoHua FL-Plastics Co., LTD-Professional teflon production manufacturers

Taixing city HaoHua composite materials co., LTD,Is located in taixing city east of the city environmental protection industrial park。Is a collection of scientific research、Production、Sales in the integration of enterprises,Company in accordance with its domestic scientific research institutes of scientific research strength,Combined with the independent research and development,Constantly develop markets at home and abroad and the development needs of high temperature resistant、Adhesion、Environmental protection、Insulation of composite materials,Mainly composed of glass fiber reinforced composite materials,CoatingPTFE(Ptfe)And silica gel,Widely used in aviation、Space、The oil、Chemical industry、Solar energy components、Food、Printing and dyeing drying、Clothing machinery, etc。

Our main products are: (PTFE)Ptfe glass fiber adhesive tape、(PTFE)Teflon glass fiber adhesive tape、(PTFE)Teflon high temperature resistant cloth(Linoleum)、Special laminated fabric laminating machine、(PTFE)Ptfe glass fibres、(PTFE)Ptfe aramid fiber grid and KaiFangGuan cloth、All kinds of joints,No seam…

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Teflon conveyor belt main performance characteristics
Teflon conveyor belt main performance characteristics

1、Used in low temperature-196℃,The high temperature300℃In between,Has the climate resistance,Anti-aging。The practical application,As in the250℃High temperature circumstance,Placed in a row…...

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Teflon high temperature cloth can be single technology
Teflon high temperature cloth can be single technology

A lot of people want to use a tape has antiseptic properties,High temperature resistant performance,There are good can prevent viscous adhesive tape。But to find a lot,On the market…...

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Silicone rubber(SILICON…
Fusing machine belt(Have a joint…
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The dynamic of the industry
Dynamic company
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